So far this year Vacancies have been fairly equally split between Marketing and Product Management across all our Market Sectors, as follows:

The Online / New Media Market has been our busiest sector this year and provided approximately 60% of Vacancies and Revenues. Clients include some of the leading .com brands, who have recruited at all levels from Web Designers & Developer’s through to Senior Product Managers , Heads of Online and Marketing Directors. As the online market continues to develop it is easier to determine the ROI from new products and there is still a degree of land-grabbing occurring as brands fight for market share and to be the dominant player. Marketing campaigns in the online world are easy to track and, again, the ROI is easy to measure so investment in the Marketing team is no longer seen as a luxury, rather a necessity. “Hot spots” where there is a skills shortage and a premium for good candidates is within User Experience, SEO and CRM Marketing.

The Technology Market has been quiet this year as many large IT Vendors have had recruitment freezes and the pre-IPO Companies have scrutinised spending – in addition many product teams in this Sector are Head Office based, which is often in the US, so the majority of vacancies have been for Marketers. Whilst demand in this space has often been for Field Marketers with strong Lead Generation skills, there has also been a significant number of hires in PR, AR and communications.

The Telecommunications Market has grown significantly this year, mainly due to the acquisition of a new Client who have aggressively hired across their Product Management & Marketing function at mid-management level and above. Telecommunication providers are in a rapidly converging and competitive market, so product evangelising and differentiation are key to survival, as is getting the message out to Clients in an effective manner. Hires in this Sector have included Product Analysts, Product Managers, Heads of Product, Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Heads of Marketing and senior level PR & Communications specialists. We expect the Telecommunications Market to continue to grow as we now have a unique footprint of candidates that the Market needs in order to survive.