Product Manager RecruitmentIt’s a time to dig deep and reflect on ourselves while the year is still new: what we’ve achieved, and how to move forward and do even better things. It’s also a great time to re-evaluate ourselves. Are we being the best person we can be for the product manager job at hand?

As a PM you’ll already know it’s not about just building the products you love, but adapting and evolving with the times. Here’s a quick checklist to help shake you out of the comfort zones and bad habits you might have fallen into.

You’re a sinner if you…

Assume you know everything
Even though you’re not entirely sure what your customers want, you’ll try to convince your team regardless. You’ll dismiss the signs of changing times, and therefore changing customer needs and attitudes.

Just do whatever the client wants
Where’s the vision in just aimlessly churning out products because clients simply ‘want’ them, or ask for based on their own needs? Customers need you to see the bigger picture for your product’s future, and shape the product accordingly.

Disregard stakeholders
Just as bad as indulging every whim is ignoring stakeholders, and not listening to their needs. This can prove detrimental to your position in the long-term if you are seen to undermine influential peers.

Polish your halo if you…

Know your customers’ needs for a better product
You’ll keep interactive engagement with customers for their feedback, ensuring you stay on top of your game to deliver the right products that fully meet their needs. That way, you can focus on those features that define the product.

Keep your users on side
You remember that not all users of your product are sole customers, but keeping them on side by delivering a product that satisfies their attention will grow business further with new opportunities.

Respect your peers
You try to understand what your stakeholders and managers really want, and then work together with them to create a product based on an equally shared vision. This is what makes colleagues support and fight for you in meetings!

Aren’t a ‘yes’ person
You’ll know the meaning of saying ‘no’ to things when it’s called for. When you have a constant flow of feedback, ideas or suggestions from colleagues or customers, you’ll know what to filter out, to keep or discard. Focusing on creating the right product depends on concentrating on the right things, not everything.

Motivate your team
You’ll recognise that your team is your commodity, so you treat them well and share your goals, vision and knowledge with them. Together you’ll create amazing products!

Get out and talk!

You’ll get out there with colleagues and talk to the actual customers, rather than rely solely on Google Analytics and surveys! It’s always the best way to learn the truth about what your customers think and want in a product.

You know that sharing is caring, taking time to learn from others what they know within their community, and sharing your experiences and knowledge with them.

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