shutterstock_272193038It’s no longer even a debate as to whether social media actually plays an integral role in business growth.

According to research by Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed social media played a crucial role in their business, and up to 80% reported an increase in traffic thanks to their social media channels. Consequently, making sure you hire the right social media professionals is now more vital than ever.

Although it’s undeniable that businesses value the importance of social media, the majority of 85% of businesses – according to Hubspot – aren’t sure how to harness social media in the most effective way.

How can social media potentially triple the value of your business?

Raises the brand profile

This might sound obvious, but social media gives endless opportunities for brand visibility, and gives your company access to new customers. It not only increases prospects of future growth, but enhances brand recognition and loyalty amongst your existing clientele!

Reaches mass audiences in a shorter time

Social media can reach wider audiences than even TV or billboard advertisements, for a smaller marketing cost. Relevanza reported as many as 78% of smaller businesses acquired new customers through using social media.

Increases traffic to your website

Social media offers wider channels to spread the word of your brand content which in turn attracts new customers to your website. More traffic means more engagement, which can help boost your Google rankings – making your business more accessible to future customers.

Boosts sales and revenue

Ultimately the goal of any business is to increase sales growth, and the ‘art’ of social media is more for the purposes of building and establishing a brand name. A good brand image can boost sales among new and existing customers.

Brands are more ‘humanised’

The average person can spend up to two hours a day on social media, and people enjoy doing business with other people, not companies. Studies have shown that brands that engage with their followers on a personal, ‘human’ level are regarded as more trustworthy and credible than those that don’t.