Intelligent People are delighted to report another year of both growth and increased specialism in our three core markets – Product Management, Marketing and Commercial eCommerce.

Chris Mason, Co-Founder and Director reports “It’s been another great year and there’s no sign of demand slowing across our digital consumer and tech customers. In 2016 we’ve seen a stream of exciting new start-up ideas backed by serious money, particularly across fintech, edtech, insurance tech and medical tech. We’ve also benefitted from steady business at the mid-market and enterprise level in retail, media and travel. We’ve become more focused and only hire across our key areas of strength, so that we’re expert in all situations when we engage with candidates and clients. We launched a new customer feedback program at the beginning of the year that’s helping us to measure our performance and drive service improvement. In 2016 we invested more than ever in brand and digital marketing, sponsoring events and driving brand awareness.”

Here’s a sample of some of last year’s placements which illustrates our three areas of expertise – Product Management, Marketing and Commercial eCommerce. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about opportunities, would like advice about developing your career or need to hire across these areas and would like expert help.

£60,000Head of Payments Product
£60,000Digital Marketing Manager
£60,000Head of Digital Marketing
£37,000Head of Content and Social
£85,000Senior PR Manager
£38,000Business Analyst
£38,500Affiliates Manager
£39,000Marketing Copywriter
£40,000CRM Analyst
£80,000Marketing Director
£40,000eCommerce Manager
£50,000Senior Product Manager
£70,000Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager
£40,000Performance Marketing Manager
£41,000Business Analyst
£65,000Head of Growth
£41,000Web Optimisation Manager
£42,000CRM Campaigns Manager
£28,000Marketing Manager
£33,000Website Optimisation Lead
£35,000Audience Acquisition & Analytics Manager
£100,000Senior Product Manager – Partner Platform
£35,000Junior Product Manager
£36,000eCommerce Specialist
£37,000CRM Analyst
£42,000CRM Manager
£42,000Digital Marketing Manager
£42,000eCommerce Manager
£60,000Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager
£42,000eCommerce Marketing Manager
£50,000Product Manager
£50,000Product Owner
£42,500Email Marketing Manager
£42,727eCommerce Strategy
£50,000Junior Product Manager
£85,000Senior Product Manager
£44,000Marketing Manager
£44,000Marketing Manager
£45,000Conversion Optimisation Analyst
£45,000CRM Manager
£45,000Digital Marketing Manager
£45,000Market Research Analyst
£53,000Growth Marketer
£45,000PPC Manager
£45,000Product Manager
£45,000Project Manager
£95,000Product Manager
£46,000Marketing Manager
£46,000Digital Marketing Manager
£46,000Performance Marketing Manager
£47,000eCommerce Merchandiser
£47,500PR and Social Media Manager
£50,000Project Manager
£48,000Digital Marketing Manager
£48,000eCommerce Merchandiser
£50,000eCommerce Product Manager
£50,000Marketing Manager
£50,000Mobile Apps Product Owner
£39,000CRM and Service Manager
£50,000Project Manager
£52,000Head of Product
£120,000Director of Growth
£52,000Product Marketing Manager
£52,500Retention Marketing Manager
£53,000Product Manager
£55,000eCommerce Trading Manager
£55,000Product Owner
£59,000Digital Product Manager
£60,000Senior Product Manager
£61,000eCommerce Strategy Manager
£62,000Product Manager
£63,000Product Manager
£65,000Senior Business Project Manager
£40,000Social Media & Content Manager
£65,000Senior Mobile Product Manager
£68,000Senior EU Display Manager
£70,000Contract Product Manager
£70,000Senior eCommerce Product Manager
£75,000Head of Marketing
£111,000Head of Category Management
£75,000Senior Brand Marketing Manager
£75,000Senior Product Manager
£78,500Senior B2B Marketing Manager
£100,000Senior Product Manager
£80,000Head of Growth
£37,000Product Owner
£80,000Performance Marketing Manager
£80,000Product Manager
£150,000Senior Director Marketing
£80,000Product Owner, Payments
£66,500Head of CRM
£66,500Senior Online Marketing Manager
£83,000Head of Consumer Product
£85,000Senior Product Manager
£180,000Senior Director Customer Experience
£90,000Chief Product Officer
£90,000Head of Performance Marketing
£40,000Product Manager
£90,000Senior Product Manager
£96,000Head of Insight
£97,500Head of CRM
£100,000Head of Product
£100,000Senior Product Manager – Partner Platform