We’re thrilled to report yet another record-breaking year from the Intelligent People Recruitment team; with the mCommerce, eCommerce and related B2C career opportunities continuing to flourish as their associated sectors and products boom.

Chris Mason, Founder and Co-Director of Intelligent People reports, “The need for top talent and highly specialised skills continues to be the key pain point of our customers across retail, travel, media and other consumer and tech sectors. Our focus is to continually invest in brand marketing and maintaining strong relationships with candidates through staff training and service excellence, to give us the knowledge and resources to solve our customer’s product management, eCommerce and marketing recruitment problems.”

Take a look at a sample of the past year’s salary placements and do consider getting in touch if you’re serious about having access to the best talent and opportunities within the eCommerce and mCommerce sectors in Greater London this year.

150000 Head of Product
140000 VP Marketing
120000 Chief Marketing Officer
115000 Product Director
102000 Product Director
100000 Head of Pricing
98000 Head of Product
93000 Strategy Consultant
90000 CRM Programme Manager
87500 Product Manager
85000 Senior Product Manager
82000 Marketing Strategy Manager
75000 Product Manager
72500 Product Director
72000 Product Manager
70000 Performance Marketing Manager
70000 Digital Merchandising Manager
70000 Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications
68288 Data Scientist
68000 Product Manager
67000 Senior Merchandising Manager
66500 Head of CRM
65000 Conversion Optimisation Manager
65000 Head of Data and Insight
65000 Web Analytics Manager
65000 Senior Merchandising Manager
63000 Senior eCommerce Merchardiser
62268 eCommerce Strategy Manager
60000 Head of Marketing
60000 Product Manager
60000 eCommerce Insight Manager
60000 Marketing Lead
60000 Product Manager
59000 Senior Campaigns Manager
57000 Marketing Campaign Manager
56500 Product Manager
56000 Product Manager
55000 Product Manager
55000 Mobile Product Manager
55000 eCommerce Business Analyst
55000 Product Manager
55000 Product Manager
55000 CRM Manager
55000 Senior Marketing Manager
55000 Product Manager
52656 CRM Manager
50000 Project Manager
50000 Web Analyst
50000 Digital Marketing Manager
48000 eCommerce Insight Manager
46500 Product Manager
46500 Conversion Manager
45000 Product Manager
45000 Product Manager
45000 Product Manager
45000 Marketing Manager
45000 Acquisition Marketing Manager
45000 Senior Commercial Analyst
45000 Head of SEO
45000 CRM Manager
45000 UI/UX Manager
45000 Digital Marketing Manager
45000 Associate Product Manager
45000 Content Marketing (Contractor)
45000 Marketing Operations Manager
42000 Web Analyst
42000 CRM Lifecycle Programme Specialist
41000 Social Media & Campaigns Manager
41000 CRM Manager
40000 eCommerce Merchardiser
40000 PPC Manager
38000 Junior Product Executive
36000 Digital Analytics and Conversion Manager
36000 Merchandising Manager
36000 Associate eCommerce Manager
36000 eCommerce Merchandiser
36000 Digital Marketing Executive
36000 eCommerce Executive