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With the Brexit referendum result still fresh and hanging over the future of the UK job market, you’ll need sharp industry insight and foresight for the road ahead.

A LinkedIn report, called ‘UK Recruiting Trends 2016’, speaks openly about the current climate for recruiting. What did the report discover? Here’s the topline.

Relationships are key to keeping your employees happy

We’ll be the first to admit that the recruitment industry has always been competitive when it comes to acquiring the best talent for our clients.

We know that you not only have the challenge of trying to get the best candidates with skills and experience, but also the challenge of keeping them within the business. If another recruiter knows of an employee of yours that’s doing well in your business, that candidate becomes a potential asset to another, and so a ‘bidding’ war begins between rival companies.

This report highlights the utmost importance of building relationships. Establishing and retaining great working relationships with potential candidates, your employees, clients and various departments in your business ensures strength in productivity, passion and loyalty for your brand from across all levels of your staff.

Seek quality hires, not quantity

When it comes to KPIs and ensuring you have made the right investment in someone who has the right skills for your business, many recruiters over time measure the success rate of their employees through performance reviews and turnover stats.

When hiring your new recruit, make sure you have the vital information you need in order to make informed and calculated decisions on all your employees.

Social networking is a talent pool for best recruits

The report claims as many as 56% of company recruiters are increasingly on the look out for new fresh talent and searching far and wide through social networking sites.

We’ve seen that our clients are more aware that social media plays host to new and exciting talent, showcasing their work and hoping to get spotted.

It’s important that you make the most of these networks to source the right talent for your business needs.

Be the employee’s ideal employer

Making your business the ‘ideal’ place to work will help attract talent. However, this heavily relies on your level of marketing and getting the right message out through word-of-mouth, online social and professional networks.

The rewards of this marketing exercise can truly pay off.