your dream jobGetting your dream job takes initiative and originality to beat out the fierce competition. How can you make yourself memorable and seal the deal?

Create a campaign
If you really see yourself in the job, then bring your original ideas to the table. Form a fully integrated and tailored campaign for the interviewer and their company: concept, execution, KPIs etc. Show elements of this in the interview (don’t give away all your good ideas for free!) to show your thought process, and stand out as the one to hire.

Show you’re a trouble-shooter
Take an objective overview of the company you’re applying for, or even the interviewer, and give constructive and positive feedback to improve their business.

This positions you as someone who can contribute, and as a valuable asset if they hire you. Be tactful with your approach here, though, as you can risk appearing undermining or presumptuous.

Show ‘fire in your belly’
This is key when trying to impress the interviewer. It’s all about doing your research, and showcasing your unique qualities. Do that, and you can identify ways to help them – which are reasons to hire you.

Strategy is the key
Interviewers shouldn’t be the ones just asking the questions. This is your chance to show too you have a strategic thinking ability, so ask as many questions during and even after the interview.

This shows that you’re able to make a well-informed judgment. Even asking to work a trial day in the office could put you a cut above the rest of the pack.

Show initiative and personality
At the interview use whatever resources you can; if you want to pitch an original idea or solution to the whole company and not just your interviewer, then ask to invite a few surrounding colleagues to join in and listen with the interviewer. This is for the super-confident among you – and it’s a strategy that must make sense in the context of the job spec.

Have a few key answers and questions up your sleeve
Be prepared to give honest and well thought-out responses to quirky questions such as:

  • Who is your hero, and why?
  • How would your enemy describe you?
  • Describe your biggest weakness.
  • How do you cope with repetition?
  • What’s your coping mechanism when you had a bad day?

Interviews are not just about playing it safe.  If you’re feeling bold, show your enthusiasm and determination for the role by asking “When can I start?”. This simple statement may seem slightly amusing, but it undoubtedly shows a keen ambition to join the team and leaves the interviewer respecting you for all the right reasons.

Send a personalised thank you
Many candidates send a standard email to thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity of the interview, but you can stand out by sending a handwritten or personalised note. Save this for the absolute job of a lifetime – one where you’ve made a connection with the interviewer, and a personal flourish will put you at the top of the pile.

Command the stage! Showing confidence in yourself and your abilities assures the interviewer that you’ll do a great job if you’re hired.