Marketers are the most likely professionals to rate their bosses as “inspiring” according to a report, which also suggests that inspirational leadership is in short supply across the wider workforce. 

Those employed in the media, marketing, advertising and public relations sectors are most likely to rate their bosses as inspiring – 31 per cent rating them 8 or higher on a scale of 1-10 – according to a YouGov survey commissioned by The Good Relations Group.

Across the wider workforce British workers gave their managers an average “inspiration quotient” of less than 5.5 out of 10, according to the findings which come after a Government study published earlier this week found only one third of UK employees are “actively engaged at work”.

Kevin Murray, chairman of The Good Relations Group, says: “Without strong leaders to drive that inspiration and engagement, the UK faces a difficult climb out of austerity.”

The survey also showed London is the hotspot for workers “fully engaged” with their careers, with 7 per cent of employees working in the capital claiming they find their bosses “extremely inspiring”.

Meanwhile,  Scotland appears to be a “blackspot” of worker inspiration, with the lowest national figure for people who feel their boss is “extremely inspiring” (2 per cent), and the highest percentage of people who feel their boss is “extremely uninspiring” (16 per cent).

Bosses believe they are more inspiring than their employees, so in response Murray has created a  an online test for bosses to test their leadership abilities and measure themselves against a national average which can be taken here: