The recruiting process is rarely straightforward and in some instances ends up being more drawn out than anticipated. This poses a set of pros and cons for the hiring manager to consider as the risk of the organisation’s process can often result in the best candidates being snapped up by someone else.

So, how should one set out and manage an efficient process to reach a successful resolution in a timely manner that makes sense for all parties concerned? Here are 3 key guidelines to consider :-

1. Set expectations early

Put a time-line strategy in place and be flexible on the job title and compensation range. This will not only give your recruitment consultant ample time to source the best available talent but also provides them with clear outlines on when decisions will be made which they can communicate to the candidates to ensure they do not become disheartened or focus their intentions elsewhere.

The bottom line is: maintain an open avenue of communication regarding timing considerations. When all parties involved are kept in the loop, both candidates and hiring managers can make the most informed decision possible.

2. Keep communication output consistent

Once you have a timing plan and recruitment brief in place, don’t change it. Your recruiter, HR department and other parties within your organisation all need to be on the same page to avoid giving candidates mixed signals. This is particularly important when discussing aspects of the role during the interview process, such as title, compensation, and core responsibilities. Compensation and title are usually the most sensitive so never upsell what the role is, or what the compensation or title could be during the interview unless you are prepared to offer it.

3. Make a decision quickly

If you’ve followed a well-structured hiring format and reach a point where a decision needs to be made, don’t dwell on it. Trust your instincts, keep the decision making process as simple as you can and set time aside straight after the interview to formalise your conclusion so that you’re in a position to move forward with an offer ASAP.