Employee retention with perksAre you doing everything you can to attract and keep the best employees?

Workplace perks – flexible working, bonuses, birthdays off – are a ‘must-have’ for most UK employees, according to new figures from leading job site CV-Library. Find out which ones are the most popular, and why they’re so important.

Of the 1000 professionals surveyed, almost 72% said that their current employers do not offer any perks at work – but about the same number said that they ought to do so.

What do the job hunters think?
Well, they’re keen to see what you can offer. Almost two thirds of the UK employees surveyed considered perks an influential factor when applying for permanent roles. Some took a hardline: 1 in 10 said they’d reject a job if perks weren’t part of the package. But why is this?

It can’t all be work, work, work…
Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV Library, said: “It’s interesting to see that today’s workers are shying away from the more whimsical perks that had become somewhat of a fad in recent years. ‘Nap pods’ and ‘office bars’ may be popular in some offices, but the majority of professionals are now steering towards the more practical benefits like flexible working and bonuses.”

A combination of highly pressured office environments, rising costs of living and the stress of the daily grind means that working conditions are a contentious issue. This means that tangible, practical benefits like flexible working hours, better pay and time off are more popular than office snacks, naps or social activities.

The value of time and money
It’s all about better pay and flexible hours, which gives greater autonomy and job satisfaction. This in turn benefits you, by helping prevent more serious business setbacks like high staff turnover.

To no-one’s surprise, money comes out on top for most (85%). Biggins notes that seasonal factors come into play, adding: “It’s unsurprising that the majority of workers would prefer to see a pay rise over perks, especially post-Christmas when money is tight”, but a boosted pay packet is for life, not just for Christmas. “While it’s important that businesses are offering workplace perks, these should not be used as a substitute for fair salaries.”