The beginning of 2020 rocked the entire world like a train getting sidetracked, taking its passengers into the unknown. The biggest among the adversities, threatening the lives of many, is the COVID-19.

As the cases rise up to millions and deaths soar to hundreds of thousands, we still don’t know when this global pandemic will end. Jobs were lost, businesses crumbled, the economy is failing, and hearts continue to break as they lose loved ones in this fight against this deadly virus.

As people take shelter and safety inside their homes, many turn to social media amidst social distancing. But does social media play an important role during COVID-19? Read its importance here.

An Opportunity for Community Engagement

Whether you’re running a social media marketing agency or a personal social media account, social media is crucial for community engagement during social distancing.

As people refrain from engaging personally with friends and family, social media is a way to connect regardless of remoteness. For brands, this can be a way to engage with their audiences by publishing useful information that can help them get through these trying times.

For personal accounts, using social media is excellent to spread local news in your town or area as not every area is thoroughly covered by big media networks. Overall, social media during social distancing is an opportunity to increase engagement.

A Chance for Businesses to Strategise

While social media’s role before the pandemic was mostly to entertain users, businesses can leverage social media to inform. This gives companies a chance to re-strategize and see how they can position their brands amidst this global pandemic.

Another way businesses, regardless of industry, can utilize social media to position their products is to rethink their production. If you’re an apparel company, this can be a way to manufacture useful items like face masks and advertise it on social media.

Givenchy and Dior, two of the biggest luxury perfume makers worldwide, are giving free hand sanitizers to the French health authorities. The companies said they will be using their production facilities, supposedly for creating perfumes, for producing hand sanitizers or hydroalcoholic gel.

This tactic does not only contribute to brand recognition but also it will gain affinity from your audiences. And after this pandemic is over, you will reap the fruits of your labor.

A Channel for Reaching Out

Whether you have a business or personal social media account, you must put social media to good use. For one, helping one another during this time seems to be the most comforting thing we can do for now.

That said, publish or repost content that can help enlighten and warn others against the havoc of COVID-19. While social media can be as destructive as it is useful, ensure that you only repost reliable content so as not to spread fake news.

Another way to help others is by creating local social media groups or forums. This can be a perfect way to exchange information between users who are in a particular area. Plus, it’s also an excellent way to help the elderly. For instance, if elderly people are living on their own, going outside would put their lives at risk.

For example, Facebook users’ demographic is varied. Although 25 to 34-year-olds comprise the biggest percentage of social media users, there is a small 3 percent of seniors aged 64 and above who have Facebook. You can reach out to these people and offer to do the grocery shopping for them. In fact, brands can create a movement to help the elderly during this time through social media channels.


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