Spending your time wading through reams of unsuitable CV’s is one of the biggest time-wasters we can think of.

That’s why our trusted method of sourcing, screening and placing exceptional candidates that are a perfect fit for your business is a service our existing clients are highly confident to endorse.

Here are 10 guidelines we respectfully offer to new clients to ensure your recruitment process will be straightforward and streamlined, with a no-mess, no-fuss result time and time again.

  1. Meet with us. We need to get a feel for your organisation so that we’re confident that candidates we recommend will be an organisational fit, and are more than happy to come to your premises.
  2. Introduce us to your marketing and HR team – hiring managers, line managers and anyone else who may be involved with the future candidate(s).
  3. Clearly define what you want in a candidate, as well as the flexibility you will or won’t allow
  4. Allow us to screen candidates on your behalf; it’s a service we offer all of our clients and will save you time as we’re confident that CV’s and candidates we submit will be right for you and the role.
  5. Outline your timelines and what’s expected at each interviewing stage; it’s important that we manage our candidate’s expectations, particularly if their skillset is in high demand and we know they are interviewing for multiple roles
  6. Ask as many role-specific questions as possible when meeting with your candidates; it’s your opportunity to rule out any objections and match their experience and industry skills to the job spec and your organisation
  7. Take notes and provide honest feedback to your consultant as soon as possible – it’s an opportunity to discuss the candidates strengths as well as any concerns you may have, which allows us to speak to the candidates and iron out any queries they may have
  8. Be swift in your decision making – if you feel the candidate is fit for the role act quickly or it’s highly likely they will be snapped up by someone else
  9. Make a verbal offer followed up by a written offer shortly thereafter; and ask candidates to make a decision within 24 hours.

The above steps will save you time which you can use more profitably to interview a quality shortlist, of say three or four well-matched candidates. You’ve freed up the time to really get to know these candidates and the decision you make will be the right one, we’re confident of it. And they all lived happily ever after…

For an even happier ending, we’ll send you a complimentary £5 Starbucks Card* for every job brief we receive before December 21, 2012. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

*T&C’s apply