Do you have the interpersonal skills required to land your dream job? If you’re constantly being interviewed but never progressing to an offer of any sorts then it may be time to brush up on these.

When you are searching for your next job it is vital not to forget to brush up on your interpersonal skills in addition to being able to relay your professional experience and skillsets to date. Soft skills are key qualities employers will be on the lookout for during the interview process: your experience and hard skills will land you the interview, but it is your interpersonal skills that will confirm you are the right fit for the role and organisation.

Here are some of the key tips to help you fine-tune your interpersonal skills before your next interview:

1. Know what your strengths are

Take the time to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. This will help you discover which interpersonal skills seek the most attention and need for improvement. You should then be able to focus on how you’ll sell your strengths to the interviewers and have the time to overcome your weakness demons and turn them into strengths

2. Demonstrate effective communication skills

You need to demonstrate that you have the ability to write and articulate yourself effectively. These skills can be improved simply by practicing them daily. Whenever you write an email, take the time to write a thoughtful message and always proof your body copy before sending.

3. Develop effective listening skills

Employers look for people who listen first and then react, so make sure you refine your listening skills to help you implement effective communication at work. You can practice your listening skills at any time and with anyone by paying close attention and engaging with the person speaking.

4. Create a positive attitude.

Employers want employees who possess a positive, can-do attitude whose colleagues enjoy working with and being around. To build a positive attitude, do simple things such as making a list of reasons why you are thankful for your career or focusing on your passions at work. When you possess an all-around positive attitude, you can improve your work ethic and increase productivity in the workplace.

Remember, your work ethic and character are the two qualities that will help you land the job. Make sure you focus on developing your interpersonal skills so you can be prepared for the job you truly want.

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