Within our industry we often hear of candidates who say they hate their jobs and roles. This is not something we particularly like hearing of course, but know it’s something we can generally help out with if their skill set and experience matches the roles we’re filling.

There are 5 important reasons why you should love your job:

  1. At least a half of your waking hours are spent at work. If you’re upset about being at work because you don’t love what you do, you’re on average a sad person. That’s no way to live.
  2. It will be very difficult for you to invest in your career. If you’re not into what you do, what would possess you to seek out extra training, certifications, conferences and the like? It’s hard to imagine spending extra time outside of work investing in something you don’t like.
  3. You’ll never be truly great at what you do. If you don’t have any passion for your work, and you’re not spending time and energy upgrading your skills, how will you ever improve in your field?
  4. You won’t get promotions. This ties into points 2 and 3. It’s tough to imagine promoting someone who isn’t great at what they do, and doesn’t really show an interest in what they do.
  5. You’ll lack fulfillment. If you spend your time doing something other that what you love to do, you’ll always have that feeling like you’re missing out on something. You’ll spend your days watching the clock, waiting until you can leave the office to do what you really want to be doing. Bad times.

While there are no easy paths to a job you love heart and soul, there are a few obvious steps that could bring you a step closer to happiness and job-fulfillment or even better – a perfect job. Consider the following:-

1.) Be honest about what you want. We’ll always ask our candidates the following – “What do you want to do or what do you love to do?”  To some, this may be the most terrifying question in the universe. They don’t admit to what they really want  or perhaps don’t know what they really want. You need to figure this out or you will never have a job that you love.

2.) Say what you want. Once you figure out what you love, tell everyone that you want to incorporate this passion into your career. Set your goals and say it clearly and strongly, again and again and again. Doing this does not ensure instant success but it gives you and others a clear indication of what you want and how determined you are to get it. 

3.) Pay the price of admission. Few things in life are free. To get a job that you love, you might have to take a step backwards to go forwards e.g. cut a salary cut, work in more hours, move or study further. Be persistent, and be willing to invest both time and effort in moving closer to what you love. Sadly, most people won’t make sacrifices to obtain what they want, and as a result, they never get it.

When you love what you do, you are more driven and more passionate so success is sure to follow. You will work harder and have more energy than those who are grudgingly going through the motions. While “the price of admission” for a job that you love may make you swallow hard, dig deep and pay it so that ultimately you reap the rewards.

If you’re currently in a role that you are frustrated by or are interested in a career change, talk to us. We may be able to help you?