social media presence for your businessSocial media gives your brand the potential of endless rewards, but it’s not all about data and sales (honestly not as heretical as it sounds!). As people become more connected through social media, the need for the missing ‘human touch’ becomes all the more vital to establish loyalty.

Here’s how you can create long-lasting emotional ROI.

Engage in convo

Creating topical discussions on social media related to your product or service not only builds a platform for engaging interactions with existing and new customers, but also gives you the chance to know what people want in your brand. Ask open questions that allow your followers to tell you what they want, and ‘hang’ them on current events where appropriate.

For example, if you make confectionery such as chocolate, you might want to ask something like ‘what would your dream chocolate bar look like?’. If you made a skin cosmetics product, you might ask ‘what do you most think about in a skincare product?’

Trial and test your content to see what engages customers

Every brand’s goal on social media is to engage customers, so let them define what content you should use to engage them. Monitor carefully what pictures on Instagram drive the most interactions, or what platform engages most of your customers, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Knowing what type of content works and doesn’t work is key because customers can switch on and off very easily, so getting it right counts.

Post a blog

Blogs are a great way to engage customers with appealing content and drive traffic to your brand website. Use social media platforms to offer customers a ‘teaser’ with the preview of a catchy title or a photo to entice people to click through to the entire blog post. Even spend a little bit of money on boosting your content so that it reaches more people!

Know what your competitors are doing

Look at what the big competitors are posting on their social media to drive interaction, as this helps guide you and pinpoint what popular content you should replicate in your own unique style to entice customers. By the same token, look at what you can do to set yourself apart rather than follow the pack.

Attend live events

Attending events in your local area can dramatically improve the social presence of your brand. Live-Tweeting, Snapchat and live broadcasts can attract new readers, and you can connect with established and emerging key influencers.