Feeling the Sunday night blues every night? Wondering where the road in life is heading? Take note of the top warning signs that it’s time to move on and change your job.

According to research by Crunch Accounting, January 31st tends to be the most popular day for throwing in the towel. If you’re still mulling it over, you’re in good company – they say that around 1 in 3 people are doing just that as well.

Something’s… off
At your level, your choice of daily grind represents your values, personality and purpose. If the job or the environment is increasingly at odds with your beliefs, or you feel trapped, undermined and undervalued, then it’s time to reconsider your position.

“Good Moaning”
Everyone knows that your job is at a dead end… because you won’t shut up about it! It’s normal to let off steam every now and then to friends and family about work, but it can turn you into an ‘energy vampire’. Act if you’re unhappy, and restore the balance of the universe.

Also, look at ways in which you can make your next job work for you. Do you need to shift the hours around a little to accommodate childcare and/or a ‘side hustle’? Are your skills up to scratch?

When we meet new people, conversation invariably turns to what we do for a living. Don’t be discouraged if someone else talks about how amazing their job can be. Ask them why that is, and parlay that into fulfilling your own ambitions!

Bad boss, bad vibes
It’s not a good feeling to be unacknowledged or overlooked for promotion or a pay rise. Crunch’s figures say that as many as 46% of professionals left their jobs because of bad bosses; over a third cited lack of promotion and no pay rise.

You watch the clock…
Like 46% of the workers Crunch surveyed, you might be willing the clock hands to tick quicker. It’s fine to check your watch every now and then, but if you’re eager for the day to pass quickly, then it’s high time to start casting around for more fulfilling opportunities.

…and you feel the march of time

It’s perfectly normal to feel tired when work gets tough, but you should feel like you’ve achieved something great in the office. If you’re feeling (and maybe looking) hangdog because of boredom, the long commute, or frustration in a job you’re growing to hate by the day, then take a step back, take a deep breath – then take a risk and move on.