hire the right candidateDuring your next round of interviews, a dream candidate will walk through the door. With their creativity and energy, he or she will shake things up, and make their colleagues up their game. This is the Superstar, and they’re your biggest asset as long as you know how to spot, find and keep them – before your competitor does.

What makes a ‘superstar’?
Rather than just being your average overachiever, which is easy enough to see (clue: they’ve done ALL the things, usually by a ridiculously early age), a superstar is on a quest for constant change and knowledge. They’re most likely to say things like “I read this really interesting book or article…” or “I thought I’d try something new…”

A superstar doesn’t say the phrase “thinking outside the box” because they’re too busy putting their innovations into practice. They’re not afraid to ask ‘silly’ questions (but they’ll rarely ask for permission), or to fail and try new things.

Candidates like this are also hugely versatile. Don’t mistake them for being a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Being able to take on new roles and immerse themselves in a new industry is a valuable skill in itself, and lends itself very well to the constantly unfolding digital world.

These are qualities that might not be immediately obvious from a shorter-than-usual CV or relative lack of experience, so take the extra time to read between the lines.

How do you bring this out in an interview?
Once you’ve got a potential superstar candidate in front of you, ask them problem-solving questions. Allow them to expand on their ideas and unpack how their personal and professional strengths inform their decisions.

When asking them about their future aspirations, listen for a sense of drive and purpose – this translates into a well thought-out career trajectory, of which your company will be the next step.

What you don’t want to do is bore or annoy them with irrelevant and aggressive questioning, which will make them shut down.

Don’t miss out!
Great candidates know they’re great, but because they tend not to be arrogant about it, will welcome some positive feedback in the interview room. If you see them as a perfect fit for the role, the team and the company as a whole, tell them – but make sure to move quickly. When you have a potential game-changer within your grasp, don’t let the competition snap them up and leave you behind.