low cost marketing strategiesHow can you save money on marketing and boost your brand?

Let’s face it. Marketing these days is rarely done on a shoestring budget, especially for small businesses injecting endless card cash to get themselves recognised by new customers on the web.

However, if your purse strings are tighter, there are a number of relatively low cost marketing strategies that can create organic flow of traffic. Here’s our four top ways:

1. Network on LinkedIn

This popular platform is dedicated to networking with potential hires, industry thought leaders and similar businesses alike.

Boosting your wider network gives your brand greater visibility. If you don’t have a business page set up, make sure to rectify this.

2. Build a partnership through recommendations

The classic saying ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ is true of partnerships between two businesses that refer their customers to each other to generate profits and grow their customer bases.

Recommendations are a powerful business tool for growth, as they’re based on trust and social proof. Word of mouth has been proven to be cost-effective, and builds a solid reputation for your company.

3. Get reviews

Speaking of recommendations, customers trust reviews from strangers as much as by friends.

Reviews offer an insight into existing customer’s experiences with that brand, good or bad; they indicate what future customers could experience.

There’s no substitute for providing a good service, so allow your customers to write honest accounts of your product and service. Address complaints head-on and have a strategy set out for dealing with negative reviews – one that ensures you keep them on-side, or at least show how willing you are to deal with criticism.

The internet can be brutal; it’s no country for thin-skinned businesses!

4. Write blogs

There’s no doubt the future of marketing is going digital, which means investing in online ads and SEO. Then there’s organic search, which is the key benefit of writing blogs.

This is your golden opportunity to help new customers before they actually need anything from you. You have to create content that adds real value to you and to them, primarily – it must meet your customers’ needs, and it must be engaging and shareable. Think blogs, infographics, video, and podcasts.

Start by setting up a blog section on your website, and post a blog once a week. Base your content on topics related to your business’s products or services.

Publishing on your website, then pushing it through the appropriate social media channels will help boost your SEO rankings on Google. Customers will be directed towards your content relating to their specific query – and the higher up the rankings you are, the more new eyeballs you’ll attract to your business.

We’re interested to hear how those strategies work for you.