Intelligent People partner with Digital & Tech organisations, placing talent across Marketing, Product Management, eCommerce & Analytics; for the 5th year we’d like to present our analysis of candidate profiles and placements made during the previous calendar year and my thoughts on the market pre and post Covid.

As a preamble, the tech market has been in a bubble for the past 10 years with the changing consumer behaviour, the growth of online shopping and the explosion of the tech market into new areas like FinTech, EdTech driving the war for talent.

In contrast to the late 90’s, where tech was mainly a thing for the enterprise, it now touches pretty much every facet of work and leisure and the growth in digital outstrips the rest of the economy by roughly *250% year on year.

So how do things compare and what impact did Covid have?

During lockdown 1 the bottom effectively fell out of the market, there was huge uncertainty, roles were pulled, people were furloughed and recruitment advertising was down by 95% in June 2020.

September 2020 saw the start of a return to normality as clients adjusted to remote onboarding and the world started to adjust to life with Covid and by early 2021 the market was back to normal.

In terms of trends, we’ve seen placements increase slightly across TMT & Disruptive Consumer Services whilst reducing slightly in  eCommerce & Digital; the proportion of candidates placed with a degree has increased by 2 points to 93% and the preference for a Redbrick or Russell Group university has leapt by 9 points to 63% and in a shout out for diversity there’s an equal gender split for roles above £100K.


Industry Sector

*Disruptive Consumer Services: EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, PropTech, Consumer Services, Payments

**eCommerce & Digital: FMCG, eCommerce, Publishing, Marketplace

***TMT: Utilities, Media, Communications, Leisure & Travel, Business Services


Academics Achieved
University Type


Management Level
Head Of Vp Level


Salaries Women
Salaries Men


Placements Gender

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