With the increased drive for specialised talent within the jobs market, it is more important than ever to tailor your CV to each role you apply for. When a recruitment consultancy advertises a new vacancy it is likely that they’re going to receive hundreds of applications and so it only makes sense for a serious applicant to take the time to and effort to ensure they stand-out amongst everyone else and ultimately make the short-list.

Here are some guidelines you should consider following to ensure you make it clear to your recruiter that you are serious about the available role:-

Read the job description thoroughly and highlight keywords that are used to define skills, day-to-day activities and experience. Use these words (where appropriate) within your CV to indicate you are a suitable match.

Understand exactly what the company is looking for and hone in on these requirements. It’s easy to become distracted by other available roles so take the time to treat each potential role individually.

• If the opportunity easily presents itself, include industry related keywords or terminology so that the recruiter can see at a glance that you have a thorough grasp on the sector.

Use short actionable words with a highly desirable outcome that demonstrate ownership and responsibility. Use measurable results like “significantly grew revenue by 20%… ” and avoid wishy-washy cliché’s like “helped with”. Don’t use long sentences or try and fluff out what you can offer – it’s boring.

Research the organisation’s culture, chat to an existing employee if possible or try and dig out any info you can on their attitude and approach to work. Include any information you can about yourself to demonstrate that you will fit in with them.

Finally, if you aren’t applying for a specific job but you know what type of roles you are interested in register your interest with a recruiter and make it clear which roles you feel you would be suitable for.

Keep in touch with your recruiter and check job posting boards regularly to ensure you are on top of any new opportunities or industry developments.