A remote working option is the way of the future, there’s no doubt about it. Which comes with it’s own set of advantages as well as challenges for managers and business leaders.

Successful hiring managers can overcome these unique challenges by ensuring future potential employees demonstrate particular traits and qualities to ensure they will do their job as well (if not better) when working remotely.

Here are the top five qualities we feel should be a prerequisite when hiring or considering a remote working arrangement within your team.

1) Fantastic Communication Skills
The ability to communicate effectively without using body language and to do so through digital media is highly required for remote workers. One of the biggest skills to test is the ability to have an engaging conversation over the phone and video,  and the ability to communicate thoroughly utilising online media and messaging systems. Pay attention to cover letters and emails from hopeful candidates as they can reveal a lot about the way the person communicates.

2) Previous Remote Working Experience
While it doesn’t have to be an absolute prerequisite it is a definite plus if a candidate has previously and successfully worked from home or a remote place, so they know what the real challenges are and how to overcome them.

3) Strong Problem-Solving Ability
Remote workers rely on technology to interact and conduct operations, so being able to handle issues and navigate systems independently when it matters is important. There are so many technical issues that can arise so a strong candidate should demonstrate ways in which to troubleshoot and overcome these quickly and efficiently to ensure time and productivity is not hindered in the process.

4) Self-Starter
The candidate needs to show initiative and an ability to get going irrespective of the situation they’re faced with. A good way to gauge whether or not someone can handle the level of self-motivation necessary for remote work is by handing them a set of tasks and seeing how they work through them.

5) Prioritisation & Time Management
Employers are usually looking for remote workers that are able to manage their time effectively and efficiently. They should be able to identify the tasks that are most important, and finish urgent work before anything else, without being chased.

In conclusion:
Remote workers require extra discipline and focus to be successful at their job. We’re not saying that every person with the above traits will be a remote worker success story but we do recommend that when hiring someone to consider the emotional intelligence, self-motivation, and the necessary skills required to succeed.