The two steps to handing in your notice

So you’ve been successful at interview and received a written offer – congratulations! How do you communicate this to your current employer?

Step 1: Prepare your resignation letter

How to write a resignation letter to take to your resignation meeting

  • Clearly state your intention to leave
  • Refer to the notice period you need to give, and give a date of your final working day
  • Thank the company for the experience gained while in their employment, and wish them all the best in the future
  • Keep it brief
  • Never include your reasons for leaving – it could trigger a negative conversation, or be seen as a ‘cry for help’ to be overcome with an enticing counter offer to stay

Step 2: Resign to your line manager – tell them first

  • Request an immediate meeting with them (at a quiet time) and tell them in person
  • Try to arrange the meeting for a quiet time where they can absorb the news
  • If your manager isn’t around within the next day or so, arrange to speak over the phone so you can resign verbally and immediately confirm via email
  • Present them with your written letter if you are meeting in person
  • Be professional – keep your language unemotional and businesslike
  • Don’t air your grievances; remember that you will need a reference
  • Be clear that you are prepared to work your notice and offer to help with the handover process
  • Be aware that some companies have a policy of asking you to leave immediately, so be prepared if this is the case

How to prepare for your job resignation meeting

  • Prior to the meeting, decide exactly what you are going to say and stick to it
  • If at any point the meeting becomes uncomfortable or you feel pressured, you can request the presence of the HR Department

Dealing with a counter offer: VIDEO

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