Video interviews have become a highly popular starting base in the recruitment process. They assist hiring managers to filter candidates quickly and efficiently, plus save job seekers valuable commuting time and the added costs of getting to an interview. If not thought through properly and correctly prepared for video interviews may easily result in a negative outcome.

Top tips for video interviews

1) Review your account information

If you have an existing Skype, Google hangout or similar account consider the name and profile image you have created will create the desired professional impression you require it to? You should not come across as being unprofessional or too casual. If you have any doubts on this create a new account with a suitable name and image to represent yourself in a professional light.

2) Practice makes perfect

It’s a great idea to record yourself and make note of your pronunciation, accent, appearance and body language. Or, have a friend call you and ask you interview-typical questions to observe your tone and demeanour over video chat. It’s imperative that you are approachable, courteous, speak concisely and are respectful. Allow the interviewer time to speak too, bearing in mind that the interview may be recorded.

3) Treat it like a face-to-face interview

Dress smartly and ensure the area in your surroundings looks professional. Turn off all mobile devices, take your land line off the hook and make sure any computer apps are turned off. Everything needs to run smoothly with as little interference as possible. Have a glass of water at hand to sip in between questions and make sure you’ve done all your homework and necessary preparation to answer the interviewers’ questions successfully.

4) Check your internet connectivity and setup

Update your computer operating system, browser, and plugins to ensure you’ve got everything you need up to date to complete the interview, reboot your machine to ensure all start-up apps are turned off. Spend several minutes chatting to a friend on Skype beforehand and make sure nobody else in the household is downloading or streaming from the internet will give you the confidence that the video meeting will occur without any connection hiccups.

5) Be confident

This is not any different from an in-person interview, so you’ll still need to be prepared for the interview as well as exude confidence. Look directly into the camera when you answer questions and try not to fidget. Above all, remember to smile.

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