Happy New Year! Now that the festivities are over, it’s a great time to give your CV a makeover and take your career to the next level.

You may have a clear idea of what types of career moves to make, but here’s how you can make sure your CV gets you noticed.

1. Hit ‘delete’ on the buzzwords…
It’s very easy to litter your CV full of meaningless words like ‘Determined’ or ‘Creative’ in the hope of catching a recruiter’s eye, but it does more harm than good, especially if there’s no relevant context (i.e. experience) to support why you’re saying it.

Get straight to the point and ‘show’ rather than tell, by giving examples of projects that prove you’re creative without you having to explicitly say so.

2. …and replace them with the ‘receipts’
Again, it’s not enough to just say what you’ve done in previous roles; recruiters want to see numbers to see that you really do mean business.

Show, don’t just tell, what value you can bring to the table by quantifying all your achievements (such as sales figures) to show you’ve made a positive contribution.

3. Write a new profile
The introductory profile sets the entire scene for your CV. It’s the first thing recruiters look at, so treat it as a sales pitch that summarises what you’re about, what you’ve achieved and what your career goals are.

4. Be concise and clear
Editing a CV down to two pages is no easy task, especially if you have lots of experience in previous roles.

Tailor it to your aspirations, and include enough key points to show your achievements and progress.

5. Highlight your education and qualifications
This is essential, as it gives a solid foundation to the skills and experience you’ve gained on the job. Make it a priority to highlight your relevant education and professional development.

6. Show any volunteering or personal interests
This gives recruiters a chance to know more about your personal qualities and attributes outside of the workplace, so make sure to list any hobbies and passions that will give them a positive picture of you as a person.

7. Register your CV to an online database

This will be useful if you’re actively seeking a new job for the New Year, as registering with online agencies helps recruiters spot your CV in an online data bank with your skills and experience that can help match up to potential opportunities with new employers.

8. Revamp your LinkedIn
LinkedIn is considered the ideal recruitment source for hiring managers to scout out new talent, so make sure your CV mirrors your LinkedIn profile. Your online presence is a valuable asset and necessity for recruiters to gage your credibility for a new role.