With social media now an employment matchmaking machine, how do you get noticed in a saturated market?

In the employment game, social media carries some weight. About 56% of UK-based HR professionals say that your profiles influence your chances of getting hired. We take a look at some of the ways to attract attention, and build connections, with potential clients and employers:

Be regular and relevant
Aim to upload engaging content at least once or twice a day.  This keeps your daily followers or connections regularly interested in your news feed, start conversations, and builds connections. If you’re looking to boost your numbers, this is a sure-fire and authentic way to get more followers.

Make sure your skills, education, experience and profile pictures are regularly updated. You’ll boost your chances of being found on LinkedIn, where recruiters can see what you’re up to and where. And you’ll be recognized more easily in real life, too.

Leave as few gaps in your information as possible, and share your projects and industry news – treat it as an extension of your CV, but with extra personality added in.

Show only what you want seen
Nothing is ever private in the online world, and the internet never forgets. Make sure everything you write and upload on social media doesn’t hinder your employability prospects. Keep compromising photos, statements or content well away from recruiters’ eyes, either by not posting it at all, or keeping your personal profiles super-private.

Be original and daring
It’s tempting to copy what everyone else is doing in the online world, but this won’t get you noticed with those who value true originality and innovation. Think of original and daring ways to express yourself, as this will attract new and exciting followers who will regard you as an influencer and an expert to take note of.

Be positive
Always put a positive spin on your social media activity, as this will greatly inspire employers to delve deeper into your online presence. Constant, heavy negativity is a turn-off.

Be your own storyteller
Your social media profiles should tell an engaging and memorable story about your life journey. This is the beating heart of social influencers. With each new development in your life and careers, your story can engage your followers.

You are your own product manager and marketing team, so take the time to figure out what type of person you want to reach. As you gain more followers, more people will be interested in what you say and do – and potential employers will follow.

Connections count
That saying goes ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’, and it’s more relevant in today’s ruthlessly competitive world.

Knowledge may be king, but sparks won’t fly without the proper connections to potential employers or clients.

In the social media world, collaborating with other – relevant – influencers can help boost your online reputation. Choose your platforms wisely; whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, they’ll define who you are and what you’re about.