Job hunting can be a tiresome, solitary experience for candidates – especially if you’re spending almost all your time on it. So, when ‘job hunting fatigue’ sets in, it’s easy to lose the will to tailor each application accordingly. Here are a few ways to keep motivated in your job search, so that each application stands out and makes a potential employer want to meet you.

1) Communicate

Keep other people up to date with your progress, including disappointments or setbacks. Family and friends can be a great source of support, but also consider joining job forums and networking groups so you continue to meet people, share leads, and keep each other’s motivation levels up. It also helps to be accountable to other people so that you maintain your job search momentum.

2) Get out and about

It’s appealing to conduct all your job search activities from behind your computer screen. Although this is a great way to research companies and opportunities, a successful job search usually combines more than one approach. It’s important that industry-related professionals meet you, so make a point of attending industry networking events and start being active in local meet up groups so you get your face known.

3) Organise your job search

Set yourself daily and weekly goals, tracking your progress and logging activities. As well as making sure you’re avoiding duplicate effort, it’s a psychological boost to know that your job search is moving forward and isn’t just characterised by rejections (or silence). The sort of goals that are achievable and helpful are: researching x numbers of companies and people per day or week; mobilising x number of your contacts to find a way into a company; writing a specific number of targeted, speculative applications; and setting aside enough time for interview preparation.

4) Take time off

A job search is hard work. Tweaking your CV and cover letter, following up on job leads, or keeping current with industry blogs and forums (plus all the research you’ll need to do) are all time-consuming activities. Make sure you stay fresh by taking some time off now and again. Regular physical exercise boosts energy — even if it’s only five minutes every hour. Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks that will help you recharge your batteries and see things more clearly.

5) Keep the dream

For many new grads and career-changers, the dream job is probably not the first. In fact, it’s more likely to be further down the line, after you’ve gained necessary skills and experience. A stepping-stone approach can help you see the bigger picture. If your current job doesn’t fulfil you, stay focussed on the big prize. Find lateral moves that can get you closer to where you want to be and stay connected to people who may be able to help you get there. Although your present job may be demotivating, always be looking to develop your skills and contacts for the next step.

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