Are you staying in your current role longer than you should? What are the common signs that you are ready for a new job?

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5 common reasons for being ready for a new job

Salary and benefits

The package is no longer meeting your expectations

Salary is often the main cause of dissatisfaction within current roles. You may be getting a pay rise in line with inflation each year, but your overall benefits package is falling short of your own expectations and falling short compared to colleagues and / or similar roles on the market. Read our blog about how to negotiate a pay rise.

A survey by the Office of National Statistics shows that those employees that move jobs are more likely to secure a higher salary compared to those that ‘stay’. However, we would always advise candidates to speak to their employer about salary, before deciding to move on. Employees are often surprised when a salary conversation is met positively by their employer resulting a salary and benefits review – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Retention, in the current market, is high on the agenda of employers, who are looking to retain staff and avoid losing momentum on current projects and high retraining costs. Of course, to negotiate a salary increase in the first place, your individual performance reviews must be good, meeting or exceed your goals, OKRs or objectives. We have complied a best practise guide around negotiating your salary and how to put yourself in the best position for success.

If you have exhausted all avenues with your current employer, and salary is very important to you, it may be worth researching the market. This would involve identifying brands you would like to work with, identifying a specialist recruitment consultant to send your CV to and filling out some job applications.

Your employer does not offer flexible working

A big post pandemic trend is flexible, hybrid or remote working.

As a recruitment agency, we rarely see a full-time office-based role being advertised in the current market. This is simply because the world has moved on and candidate expectations have changed. Most, but not all, employers recognise that remote working also has its benefits; able to hire from a larger pool of talented candidates, increased productivity, better work life balance, culture etc.

It appears that this trend is here to stay, with employees enjoying a part-time office environment; a mix of social interaction, face-to-face meetings, whilst saving time on the commute on work-from-home days. Some employees report increased productivity whilst at home – working without the distractions that some offices provide.

If flexible working is important to you and viable for your role, but your current employer will not budge on its policies, it may be a sign that you are ready for a new job. Again, we’d advise you talk to your employer about this problem before starting your job search.

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Job role

There is no opportunity for promotion or development

Another cause for concern at work is when there seem to be no opportunities for promotion – often because of a small team size or long serving members of staff that show no sign of moving on.

It’s important that your role offers something in terms of development or the opportunity to learn new skills, take on new duties, diversify your knowledge and plan for the long-term. If there is no change in your day-to-day tasks or responsibilities over time, you may find yourself becoming complacent. You may find yourself making mistakes that you didn’t before, missing deadlines, feeling disengaged and demotivated.

If you are feeling bored at work, you can tackle this with your boss to see if you can take on more challenging, fulfilling work and creating your own personal development plan with their input. If there is not that opportunity, perhaps it is time to assess whether you are ready for a new job opportunity.

You are not aligned with the business strategy

When you can’t get behind the business strategy at work, it can often leave you feeling disengaged, demotivated, and unable to see the impact your work is having on improving the business. You may feel like you are challenging the business strategy, but no-one in the leadership team is listening. Do you believe in the brand? Do you align with the vision? Are you engaged in its success?

If you manage a team, you may feel you are unable to lead them to success – unable to see what tasks, projects, improvements, strategies will lead the business where is wants to go. A lack of clarity or alignment in objectives, is a big cause of concern and can lead employees to think about what is next and start getting ready for a new job.

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Relationships & culture

You find your current work culture and environment challenging

The two most common complaints in this area are:

  1. Conflict with another employee or team

This may:

  • impact your performance
  • impact your enthusiasm and motivation for the job
  • create an unhealthy work environment
  • create stress which impacts your home life
  • Your relationship with your boss is strained

You may feel:

  • That your boss is micromanaging you
  • That your boss doesn’t trust you and your expertise
  • That you and your manager are not aligned on business strategy and performance
  • That your personalities clash
  • That your boss favours one employee over another


If any of the 5 points above resonate with you, then it could be time for you to consider a new role and get ready for a new job. If you are on the market for a job within marketing, product management or eCommerce, we are the specialist recruitment partner for you. Upload your CV today.

Ready For A New Job