Employee Engagement: Why, What, and How? [Infographic]

Your employees are without a doubt your most valuable (and most expensive) company asset that need to be looked after. And without nurture and ongoing monitoring  all the time, development, knowledge and creativity could go straight to into your competitors hands.

Many managers use turnover to measure staff satisfaction and assume that staff will only leave if they are unhappy. This isn’t necessarily true through as the many other variables in their lives could easily motivate their resignation; even if they are happy.

Plus, this is a rather negative concept. Staff could leave on good terms. They could even continue to bring asset to your business after they leave – through future collaborations, referrals and even returned employment.

A more thorough measurement of staff satisfaction is through a more modern employee engagement study. Take a look at the infographic below for more information on how to measure your employees satisfaction.

Employee Engagement


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