Recruiting Search Engine Optimisation jobs is particularly testing. The reason for this is that the skillset is constantly changing. If you know anything about SEO, you’ll know that Google is constantly changing the algorithm that produces the search engine results pages (SERPS), and this in turn means the skillset is also ever changing. There have been numerous algorithm updates in the past 12 months as well as a move to “real time” algorithmic response as well as AI learning, so by their very nature SEO jobs become more complex.

Indeed the latest core algorithm update, nicknamed “Medic” has seen a change in focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). This means Google is specifically looking for high quality, authorative content from trustworthy sources. So, an SEO is now being dragged into content and reputation management.

Ultra Competitive SEO World

It’s not enough in today’s ultra competitive digital marketing world to place a few strategic blog posts or industry articles, put good content on your site and sit back and watch your webpages fly up to the top of the search results.

Firstly the content you post must be high quality and informative to your visitor. Not only that, but it must “engage” them too. If a visitor leaves straight away, Google records a bounce and your sites content is devalued in Google’s eyes. A black mark for your website.


What’s even worse is if Google decides your content is so poor (or possibly duplicate) they apply a Panda penalty. This will have a negative effect on your rankings, or worse still, cause them to disappear completely. There is a lot for the SEO professional to be aware of and keep current with, especially now Google is employing AI with Rankbrain.

Are backlinks still important? Yes of course. Google has always worked on relevance and authority. That is to say they like to see links from sites that already boast authority in Google’s eyes. The more and better quality backlinks you deliver the better chance you have of ranking.

But you now have to be aware of making your linking anchor text look natural. Over optimise and you’ll receive a Penguin penalty. The same applies for too many poor quality links from bad neighbourhoods. Penguin penalties are notoriously difficult to recover from.

You simply cannot afford to attract a Google penalty! Any good SEO Consultant will ensure this never happens.

Social Media

If that’s not enough, these days you also need social signals to back up all the other SEO work you do. So, as you can see it’s a wide and varied job being a search engine optimisation consultant.

At Intelligent People we were there at the beginning of the digital revolution. We have seen SEO grow from the early days where any content and a few links would see top rankings to today’s complex and multi dimensional SEO world.

Our consultants have grown up with this change and are acutely aware of the trends applying to search engines. They know and understand the skills an advanced SEO needs in the digital workplace of today, and keep their finger on the pulse of the SEO jobs market.

IP Understand Your Needs

This means as a client looking to hire an SEO vacancy you can be sure our consultants will understand your needs and any specifics that may apply to your organisation.

As a candidate looking for your next career move, we can offer a wide range of advanced blue chip clients with SEO environments to challenge the best.

Call us today and see how we can help your search engine efforts.

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