Google’s recent big data analysis on hiring techniques confirmed that current interview techniques are not as effective as they could be for selecting the right person for a role. If this rings true, it may be time for a change, and if you’re really motivated to find the right person to join your team you may need to shake up the way you’re currently doing things.

Here are a few suggestions on how to screen potential hires more efficiently:

1. Describe in 100 words or less…

If you’re fedup with reading four paragraph cover letters, ask the candidates to send through their CV with 100 words describing why they want to work for you and why they’d be a good fit?  Their ability to do this shows creativity and an ability to communicate succinctly. Plus, it’s a lot more entertaining than reading ‘Please find attached my CV in application …’ a hundred times over.

2. Open-source solving of real company problems

If you have a problem that can withstand exposure to your competition, consider hosting an Open Innovation Challenge or hackathon. You will use a genuine problem that your company is facing and asks for submissions on how to solve it. It’s a bit risky to offer a full time position to the winner so you could use it as an opportunity to get to the final stage of the interview or offer a tangible prize or compensation to make you look like an awesome company.

3. Work Portfolio

Long used in the design industries, work portfolios can be extended to other professions that don’t typically require them. Digital marketing and eCommerce professions can easily create projects or case studies worthy of visual representation. Ask for examples of work and see what the candidates return.

4. Let them interact with current staff

If culture fit is of big importance (which usually applies to smaller businesses or tight-knit teams), you should let candidates interact with your staff. This doesn’t have to be anything formal, you could offer to show them around the office after the interview (which just so happens to be during a lunch break) and leave them in the kitchen area with a couple of staff members for 5 to 10 minutes.

11. Build a talent pool

This is a long-term strategy to attract large numbers of folks with a particular skillset to your organisation. Set up a community event – training, information, networking, or just simply social – for those types of people you want to attract.  As you build a valuable community, you’re not only building a positive employer brand but will also have a ready group of immediate connections familiar with your organisation the next time you need to fill a role!

A word to the wise – creative interview methods take more time and effort to set up at the outset. You may need to come up with a tough problem for a candidate to solve or put aside an entire day to see candidates in action. It’s worth your while working with a recruiter like us, who are open to innovative recruitment tactics. It needs to be relevant and high quality, or you’ll waste just as much time as if you stuck with traditional interviews. At the end of the day, each role requires a different mix of challenges, discussions and tests to determine the best fit for you and your company.

Intelligent People regularly conducts highly successful and innovative screening solutions on behalf of our clients, so do get in touch if you’re interested in finding out how to transform your current interviewing process.