You’ll recognise your own firm’s unique working culture – its social traditions, its etiquette. How do you use social media to promote your company’s culture to new recruits and new business?

Part of what attracts new recruits to a company is the promise of a vibrant workplace. It also gives potential clients a peek into your company’s ethics and professional style – and that can help drive new business.

Show off your welcome packs

Posting welcome or ‘onboarding’ packs on social media can be a great way for you to show off how much you value your employees – and if the packs are done well, your new employee will do the hard work for you.

Boost your likes, shares and comments on LinkedIn with pictures of starter-pack boxes filled with treats, first day at work parties for new recruits, or even simple photos of happy greetings for new recruits.

Display your company’s lifestyle

Do you have a photogenic and beautifully arranged workplace? Do you do interesting things in your work day-to-day? These are the sorts of exciting lifestyle pictures that are worth sharing with your online audience.

Use these to create an aspirational view of your company as the type of place people are eager to get into.

Give employees a platform for their personalities

Your reputation for a positive, well-represented and vibrant working culture comes down to the people already working for you.

Let your employees’ personalities stand out on social media to give a positive lasting impression of your company’s diverse culture.

Tell your story…

Whether you’re a brand new start-up or a company with hundreds of years of heritage, everybody has a story to tell. Sharing your story can inspire others online to take interest and engage with your brand, so tell your story how it is, from your highs to your lows. When it comes to stories, people are all ears!

… but don’t just talk shop

No one wants to be the boring person that talks only about work, so offer up something different so that people take notice.

Think laterally and look at what your business does outside its four walls: charity races, company away days, parties or other activities.