For a hiring manager in an ever-evolving industry such as e-Commerce, it can take weeks, even months to find the right candidate to work within your team. Which is why, provided that you haven’t had much fortune attempting this on your own or utilising your in-house HR team, partnering with a specialist recruitment agency inside your chosen industry could be your best course of action. 

Here are 5 sure-fire reasons why you should use a specialist recruitment agency to find a perfect hire instead of going it alone:

1. Specialist recruitment consultants know your industry like the back of their hand:

It is a specialist recruiter’s duty to comprehend your industry lingo, how your organisation and team members work together and where certain aptitudes will be suited. And since specialist recruitment agents are so well versed in all of the technical and individual necessities for the roles you have to periodically fill, they can give a faultless assessment of where candidates experience will be best utilised, and likewise give you consultation on the most proficient method to remedy any gaps in your team.

2. Specialist recruitment agencies actively cultivate strong (and often exclusive) relationships with industry leading individuals:

For a hiring manager, this implies that your specialist recruitment consultant can often “float” exceptional candidate CV’s before contacting other organisations, and subsequently you may be offered a candidate before anyone else sees him or her.

3. Specialist recruitment agencies reduce the number of times you need to meet the candidate:

Collaborating with a specialist recruiter implies that instead of having to setup initial meetings with candidates (which can be time consuming), they will meet them in person and pre-screen the candidate for you, ensuring they are the right fit not only for the role but also for your organisation

4. Specialist recruitment agents can offer you salary advice based on benchmarking within the industry:

Since your specialist recruitment consultant works solely inside your chosen industry, it makes sense that they will have an in-depth awareness on the sort of pay you should budget on to get the right candidate for the roles you have available. They can additionally give guidance on how to negotiate, what benefits to include and in the dominant part of new work arrangements, your specialist recruitment consultant gives you an edge, by taking care of the negotiation for you with the candidate (it’s in their interest to do so).

5. Specialist recruitment consultants are in constant contact with candidates within your industry, which means they (and you!) will be the first ones to know if your dream candidate is in the market:

An exceptional specialist recruitment consultant is proactive and will customarily figure out well ahead of time about available candidates for you before they hit the market – which implies you will get in first to meet and interview them, and additionally be exposed to a bigger number of available hires to pick and choose from.

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