Growth hacking. Clearly the buzz word amongst ambitious start-ups looking for a quick way to expand, and when used to diversify an already solid strategy can yield excellent results.

Interviewing a growth hacker can be some-what tricky though, because instead of looking for qualifications and specific skills you need to look for a particular attitude and mind-set to test your specific (or similar) environments and conditions.

Here are a few considerations to take into account when interviewing potential growth hacker candidates, and questions to incorporate into your company interviewing process:-

1)     Systematically test concepts, creativity and execution

Avoid facts and one one-answer questions because the candidate’s evaluation and processing of a scenario is more valuable. Growth hacking is a process rather than “right” answers.

2)     Ask relevant conceptual questions

Eg :-

  • How would you reach a group or person?
  • If xyz is happening in our product, what could be the cause and how would you recommend we fix it?
  • If you could add one feature to our product, what would that be and why?
  • Give me an example of a non-technical hack that you have done?

Remember you are testing for a type of thinking and methodology, not correct answers.

3)     Test for culture fit

A growth hacker has to have a thriving working relationship with the team so fit is crucial. Arrange for the candidate to informally meet the team or ask one of your senior team members to sit in on the interview to gauge team and organisational fit.

Lastly, we firmly believe that a candidate who claims to be able to single-handedly increase growth rates for start-ups should be:-

  • technical enough to ship product themselves or tell a technical person what to do
  • have excellent internet marketing intuition
  • understand how small optimisations fit into the bigger picture
  • understand what core value the product delivers

The key competencies we would look for in a growth hacker CV would be the following: data-driven, creativity, love of innovation, exceptional communication skills, love of product and of testing methodologies, keen interest in UX.

If you are currently looking for an exceptional growth hacker to join your team do get in touch as we have a small selection of highly skilled candidates we’d love to put you in touch with. Contact us now to find out more.