Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on the 16th February, marking the Year of the Dog. Let’s take a look at the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac, and discover what each means for your career.

Year of the Rat
People born in the year of the Rat are renowned for their business acumen and sharp instincts. They can also pre-empt any worst-case scenario before it even happens, very adaptable and thrive in social interactions. If you’re born in a Rat year, you’ll likely feel comfortable in leadership positions.

Year of the Ox
As you’d expect of hardworking agricultural beasts, Oxen embody diligence, honesty and persistence. They are hardworking but cautious, with a strong sense of faith, and possibly a leaning towards conservative values. You’ll probably have a big personality or presence, and tend to reflect before acting.

Year of the Tiger
Tigers represent power and authority. They are considered brave, trustworthy and loyal individuals with a valiant and honest work ethic. As a Tiger – a predator by nature – you’ve got a special aptitude for spotting development opportunities and winning new business.

Year of the Rabbit
Rabbits are considered approachable, noble and compassionate individuals. Their style is to work with efficiency and speed making them valuable members of a team. They are wise and highly empathetic, and try to avoid confrontations wherever possible, which makes them potential friends. They’ll benefit from fast career progression.

Year of the Dragon
Far from being fearsome creatures, Dragons have great leadership skills, and are associated with authority, honour, success, luck and dignity. You’ll be highly intellectual and lively with a strong sense of morality and ethics. You’re likely to take advice from multiple trusted sources before taking any risks.

Year of the Snake
Contrary to the traditional Western view, Snakes symbolise wisdom and wit. As a Snake, you’ll have a highly positive attitude and a great talent for the creative arts. So it’s likely you’ll have a creative hand in your company’s branding, look and feel.

Year of the Horse

Horses are symbols of independence and integrity. The Horse is also believed to represent the ethos of the Chinese people: a desire for self-improvement and diligence. As a Horse, you’re warm-hearted, intuitive and upright, and the heart and soul of any team.

Year of the Sheep
Sheep are considered wise, gentle and calm individuals. They are kind and respectful of others around them, often showing qualities of politeness and kindness. If you’re a Sheep, you’re usually in the position of being a mediator, resolving disputes between colleagues or friends.

Year of the Monkey
Monkeys are often considered very smart and clever individuals, especially in their career. As a Monkey, you’re highly flexible and able to adapt to any change in business circumstances, meaning you’re very innovative, self-assured and sociable, which helps resolve any potential business challenges.

Year of the Rooster
It’s always a good morning for Roosters, who symbolise punctuality and are generally ‘get up and go’ types. Like your animal counterparts you’re communicative, ambitious and bright.

Year of the Dog

Being the traditional ‘man’s best friend’, Dogs are considered sincere, loyal and decisive individuals. They’re not afraid of going through difficulties – indeed, they power through with a consistently high level of energy – and are often considered great ‘connectors’ among colleagues, friends and families.

Year of the Pig
There’s no shame in being a Pig – you’re considered optimistic, responsible and independent. You’re generous of heart, and find it easy to develop close interpersonal relationships with people. This gives you a distinct advantage in your career; after all, it’s who you know and the favours you can ask when it counts. Of course, whenever you’re needed, you’re there too.

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