improve company cultureYour company’s culture is the beating heart of your business. At best, the core values it represents drives the business forward. At worst, it can break your team members’ morale. Is it contributing to churn in your company? But how do you improve your company culture? Here are some tips.

When it’s bad, it’s really bad
As reported in Recruitment Buzz, research has found that almost 75% of employees have left jobs because of a poor culture. A high proportion said that it affected their productivity – and even more wanted to leave as soon as they could. But most employers surveyed saw the importance of having a healthy, attractive work culture. That means there’s a disconnect somewhere. Here’s how to fix that:

Say what you mean, and fire up your workforce
Everyone admires a plain speaker; they’re the ones who can sell complex ideas and inspire positive change.

Know exactly how to say what your company stands for in a meaningful nutshell. Avoid jargon (unless you’re in a highly specialised industry) and fluffy corporate-speak by putting it through the Plain English test. Your existing staff and new recruits should all be able to get on board with, and be inspired by, your statement of your company’s core values.

Honesty really is the best policy
Following on from that, start communicating honestly about your decisions and keep staff in the loop. Set up regular updates about your company direction and you’ll gain their trust, and make them feel a part of the overall vision. This feeling of belonging encourages a positive culture, where employees feel dedicated and loyal towards your company goals. It also creates an environment where concerns can be addressed head-on.

Accept new ideas
Some of the best most innovative ideas come from employees, so be mindful and listen to any valuable contributions from your staff about the future of the company. Your people are on the frontline with your customers and clients, so allow them freedom to test new ideas, without fear of punishment for making mistakes. This brings your company culture into the future.

Hire people who represent your company’s ideals
Easier said than done, we know; it’s a subject we return to again and again! Choose people who are the change you want to see in your company – people who bring fresh ideas and fearlessness to the table, and create a vibrant and innovative work culture.

Ensure your recruitment process supports identifying candidates who are compatible with your company’s culture. Or at least represent where you want it to be.

Reward great work
Don’t underestimate the power of the people who haven’t jumped ship – they need reasons to stay, and you can start by rewarding great work.
It doesn’t have to be exceptional one-offs, either; if you run a smaller company, the marketing/content strategy/new biz multitasker would definitely appreciate a reward.

Live your company’s values in every interaction, and you’ll boost motivation.

And motivated employees mean great gains for your company: reputation, profit and industry kudos.