The number one reason most people leave their job is because they don’t receive regular recognition for their efforts in the work place or over a longer period of time suitable development opportunities.

Rewarding company employees really does not have to cost your organisation significant cash or time investment.

Here are a few ways to go about doing this:-

1. Offer flexible working hours

2. Offer remote / working from home working options

3. Acknowledge progress via 1-2-1 catch-ups on a weekly / fortnightly basis

4. Recognise where long hours are put in and offer bonus days off or long lunches in lieu of overtime

5. Itemise achievements in team emails, and say thank you

6. Praise publicly when appropriate

7. Send handwritten notes acknowledging progression

8. Introduce employees to senior management or significant customers

9. Implement an in-house mentorship programme

10. Write Linked-in recommendations

11. Offer an allocated prime parking spot for a set period of time

It’s a fact: Employees who receive regular, positive feedback and praise are more likely to increase their own productivity, increase engagement amongst peers, stay with the organisation longer and receive higher loyalty from vendors and team members.