As the UK government pushes for offices to reopen, many companies face challenges as they try to reassure concerned staff that it is safe to return.

Staff might be frightened that they are at risk in the office, but with a few policies and adaptations, you can turn your office into a safe space that employees feel safe in during these challenging times.

Stagger Their Return

Bringing back your team all at once will cause chaos, and could lead to staff struggling to social distance. As such, you should consider bringing them back to work in stages. Choose departments that are essential, and bring them back first. Allow staff who have vulnerable people at home, take care of dependants or aren’t able to avoid taking public transport to the office to work from home for longer, or consider offering them flexible working solutions.

Work With A Professional Cleaning Company

Cleanliness is a massive issue right now, as the virus can survive and spread on surfaces through droplets of saliva. Getting your team to clean your office and keep it pristine during this pandemic might be a challenge, so it’s worth exploring office cleaning. Find a cleaning company that can offer you a complete service to keep your staff safe and reassure them that their office is clean and hygienic.

Provide Cleaning Products For Desks

As well as hiring a professional cleaning team to keep your office tidy and hygienic, you should also consider offering your staff complimentary cleaning products. For example, consider offering them desk wipes, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial spray for their desks, so that they feel supported and can always keep their personal workspace clean.

Set Up Social Distancing Markers

The virus spreads through human contact, so keeping staff apart is essential for any business that wants to keep them safe. Consider using stickers on the floor, or clear signage on the walls, to let staff know where to stand in order to stay away from other people. You should also set their desks apart, so that staff aren’t working in close proximity to each other.

Keep Staff Informed

Communication is key to keeping your staff reassured and up to date on the latest advice on how to work safely from your office. UK government guidelines on keeping safe from the virus are constantly changing, so make sure that you stay up to date and keep passing on details of any developments to your team. By communicating closely with them, you’ll be able to reassure them that you are following the guidelines and that you are working hard to keep them safe. You’ll also reduce the chances of someone making a mistake because they weren’t aware of a new policy.

Staff will need a lot of support if they are to feel safe returning to the office, and as a business leader, it’s your responsibility to help them. These tips should help you to support them and reassure them that it is safe to return to your office.

Article source: Chris Girling