how to keep employees happyHow do you keep your employees happy? It’s a tricky one – and by that, we mean ‘not always cheap, but worth the investment’.

What’s good for staff morale is good for your bottom line, your brand, your company values, and your industry standing, so here are a few ways to cultivate a happy workplace.

Celebrate team triumphs
Given that around two-thirds of employees in the workplace aren’t happy with their jobs, it’s high time to show your appreciation. Always acknowledge team and individual efforts, and give special recognition where it’s due – in-house awards ceremonies always go down a treat. When people feel valued, they’ll go the extra mile for the business.

Offer perks and progression
One of the reasons we see so many candidates is because they’re bored at work and need a change. Take it from us: you’ll retain top people if you balance experience-appropriate tasks with boundary-pushing projects, or courses that develop their skills. Can you give a little more leeway on flexible working for those with long commutes or families?

Ask what you can do to make your people feel supported and trusted to do their jobs, and you’ll be rewarded with a happy workforce, a healthy bottom line, and a reputation that’ll attract the best talent from around the world.

Give responsibility responsibly
No one man or woman should have all the power! Show your top people that you trust them to get the job done, and that you value their input in the business. Always delegate responsibility to those with the right talent and skills for the job. If they fall short but show capability, support them with training.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keeping your teams in the dark creates an emotionally detached workforce, and this will only motivate them to look for other opportunities elsewhere. Keep them connected by updating them on all business matters, and encourage them to connect with you and your company. Set up staff meetings (throw in nibbles and drinks every so often) and get their feedback to hammer home the message: to hit your targets, you need them every step of the way.

Show them the money

Money makes the world go round for lots of people; pay is the single most important reason why employees move on to ‘better’ things. Is there room in the budget for pay rises or non-cash incentives? If so, don’t be afraid to dish out bonuses and pay rises. Showing your appreciation is free and goes a long way – but set your people up for the long haul with tangible offers and benefits they won’t want to refuse.