eCommerce JobsIt might only be October, but it’s never too early to get ahead of the curve and look towards 2017. Here we’ve outlined four ways to reassess your business objectives and strategy to find new and exciting opportunities.

1. Give your business a New Year resolution

Setting out new goals offers the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand and business with fresh new objectives and to challenge yourself for the year ahead. Look at the ways in which you meet financial targets, gain new customers, or enhance relations with existing customers and suppliers.

2. Check in with your customers

Stepping up your service with existing clients is a great way of reinforcing their brand, loyalty and your brand reputation. Customers need to feel they’re being heard, so always respond to customer enquiries within a 24-hour window to ensure satisfaction.

3. Revamp your website

If we’ve learned anything from the recent demise of BHS, eCommerce is about staying current. It’s imperative to revisit and refresh content on your website, look at ways of making your customer service even better, and finding ways to streamline your checkout process. This will do wonders for customer satisfaction, SEO and conversion.

Take some time to browse through your online store and reassess your products and services, ditch anything outdated, and ensure your site is mobile friendly. Did you know that since 2015, Google is now rewarding mobile-optimised websites? Your eCommerce and digital teams should already be on the case.

4. Is ship happening for your customers?

Make sure your shipping strategy and software really are delivering and giving you bang for your buck.

The international ‘big three‘ (FedEx, UPS and USPS) increased their rates over the last year. For retailers, USPS is still regarded as the most cost-effective solution for shipping lighter weight packages. For residential customer deliveries, UPS and FedEx apply subcharges; USPS does not.

Shipping software helps to automate the entire shipping process making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. An electronic postage provider to supply shipping labels helps simplify the process even further.

Whether you revamp all four aspects of your business or it’s just one that needs attention, it’s crucial to balance value for money for the business with value to the customer.

Best of luck for the New Year – whether it starts now, in January or in the new financial year!