employee-motivationThe festive season can be a tricky one for businesses. Crazy office parties are in full swing, colleagues are heading off early for the holidays; add gift shopping and the end of the year into the mix, and it’s hard to keep productivity on track. How do you keep on top of your priorities going into the New Year?

Pay attention to your plans
This is especially necessary when you know that staff numbers will be down – and pressure on available staff can go up. Review your short and long-term goals, look at what works and what can improve ahead of time, and prioritise.

Decide which are your most or least important projects to complete during the festive period; when team members can take control of this, the autonomy helps them feel more relaxed and motivated.

Be flexible and supportive
Family tends to take precedence during the holiday season, so give your teams additional flexibility and keep the lines of communication open. We’d argue that this is something you need to do year-round, so that major holidays don’t become pits of frustration and stress.

Helping your colleagues manage their workload can take a lot of weight off peoples’ shoulders, especially if you have completed many of your responsibilities and duties before the year is up. Managing their workload will boost productivity across the whole team.

Keep people informed
It’s always motivational to colleagues when a business can acknowledge success and credit where it’s due, especially if the team achieve their goals for the benefit of the team and company all round. Treating colleagues to office lunches or treats can empower them to work harder and boost productivity, as well as the business showing their appreciation to staff.

Create a fun relaxed atmosphere
When the festive season gets into full swing, everything else can seem stressful to organise and prepare in the run up to New Year. We’ll suggest adding something small to that list: gathering everyone together for a round-up of acknowledgements and thank-yous for the year.

This helps create a supportive, cooperative environment, and helps keep the long-term productivity high. Take some time out to celebrate success and review the great work your team has produced.