“Job interviews from employee referrals are much more likely to lead to a successful offer, according to new research.”

According to a recent report published by Glassdoor, staff referrals of suitable candidates are boosting hiring odds by a statistically significant 2.6-6.6% versus cold applications. This could have a meaningful effect on job seeking for both active and passive candidates who are struggling to get their CV noticed when following the more traditional application processes.

Chris Mason, Director and founder of Intelligent People Recruitment commented:

“A referral from a friend is more likely to get noticed, you’re more likely to get a positive response and you have someone on the inside to coach and support you through the process, helping you perform at your best in interviews. For the hirer, paying staff referral bonuses gives you personal recommendations, is a cost effective route to candidates and makes employees happy – everyone wins”.

So, how should job seekers and employers look to utilise these findings to their advantage? One suggestion leveraging from the Glassdoor report is to focus on growing your professional network on a more personal basis by attending networking events, reaching out to personal contacts or harnessing social networks.

However, where a personal connection isn’t possible job seekers can replicate the insider information about an employer or job by working with a trusted recruitment agency.

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