Cybercrime is one of the most dangerous threats that digital business faces, and that includes marketing and eCommerce service that perhaps don’t host conventional assets. The reason for this is the sheer value of customer data, which has been identified by the government and, in October, subjected to £36 million in new security spending. While the aid of the government, you can help your business to have a solid foundation. It is crucial that you put in steps to protect customer data, and smart technology and devices can provide the tools you need to achieve this.

Sharing is caring – when done responsibly

Marketing and eCommerce sites deal with a huge amount of supply chain partners and an equally large amount of customer data. Sharing this data is important, both to provide excellent customer service and to find ways in which the business can grow and develop. However, several major UK companies have fallen foul of privacy regulations, with The Register reporting most recently that mobile network Three had inadvertently opened access to their data. Protecting customer data is, therefore, a matter of sharing with confidence, and smart devices can help you with this. Given the modern extent of GDPR, most proprietary platforms will have stringent and well-codified data protection policies in place that you can make use of that protect user data; virtual assistants are a great example, which can be a great bridge to your customers without endangering their data.

Improving measures

The variation in software types and their usage mean that it’s not always possible to identify and prevent the use of outdated software and platforms. Often, businesses need to use older versions of favoured software in order to operate properly. This is a problem that has been identified by the National Cybersecurity Centre, but workarounds are available. Use external smart controls to make sure that only what you need or have requested is allowed into your digital systems. This will prevent anyone from accessing your business and taking away customer data with it.

Using high technology

Smart advisers are a form of artificial intelligence and are, today, widespread. Following in their footsteps is a swathe of investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with 32% of businesses set to put new money into their cyber protections, according to Business Leader. Potentially the ultimate form of smart technology, AI has the ability to prevent threats before they even become apparent. With digital advisers you will already have the bare-bones of a proactive smart-led business – consider continuing to invest in proactive defences to keep your customer’s data under tight control.

Protecting customer data should be a primary concern for all digital businesses. Private data is some of the most valuable and widely shared resources in the repertoire of a business or consumer, and it should be treated with the same gravity as any other valuable asset. Using smart technology, this can be achieved easily and in a straightforward and assured manner.

Article source: Katlyn Eriksen

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