Sourcing and hiring talented staff can be a time consuming and frustrating process for a hiring or line manager.  Finding the right person, with the right skill set, a good attitude, organisational fit and at the right price is like searching for a needle in a haystack. And to kick start the whole process is the somewhat daunting task of writing a highly exciting job description too.

Here are some of our top tips to consider:-

1)     A catchy job title and role summary

Develop an industry specific job title for the position you’re looking to fill including the level, followed by a brief description of the purpose of the position and an overview of the role’s key responsibilities.

2)     Clearly spell out the “must haves”

If there are any dimensions of the position that are absolute pre-requisites and non-negotiable then it’s imperative that you list them to weed out hopeful and ambitious candidates who do not have the right skills or qualifications.

3)     Add some information about the Company

List out some information about the actual organization and why you think people should want to work there.  Make sure you include a link to your website, any great articles or recent press mentions, and anything else that makes you really stand out

4)     Define what the actual job entails?

List all of the essential functions of the position at hand. Generally, this includes between 5 and 10 responsibilities. Be transparent about how frequently a task will be performed or what percentage of the employee’s time will be spent with each task. This helps applicants form an idea of what a typical day may look like. Be sure to Include details on who the person would report to and where that person falls within the Company’s structure.

5)     Location

Include details on where the position is located. If travel is necessary, note what percentage of time the employee will spend traveling and where he or she will be traveling.

6)     Type of Employment

Be very clear about whether the position is full-time, temp, mat cover or part-time.

7)     Salary Range & Benefits

If your Company is open to publicising the position’s salary range and benefits include those details within the job description.

8)     Contact Information:

While it may seem obvious, there are plenty of job listings on the web without contact information. Include contact information so that suitable candidates can apply easily and ask questions if necessary.

Finally, when you think you are finished proof your posting and ask yourself the question – why would someone want this role? It should be obvious but if it isn’t totally clear then you need to add more information to attract the candidate you are looking for.

Because this is just one of many time-consuming facets of recruiting successfully it’s the very reason so many forward-thinking managers insist on working with a niche recruitment partner like Intelligent People, who has the industry knowledge at hand to streamline hiring requirements for clients who don’t have the time to do so themselves.  If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced consultants or need assistance in your current recruiting process give us a call now.