hiring the best talentEvery company wants the best talent; finding and hiring top-notch recruits can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. How do you train your eye to see the brilliance in your midst?

Not everyone can fall back on decades of experience or the gift of intuition, and we know you’re expected to have these qualities in abundance when you’re in a leadership position. Here’s nine ways to spot the top-notch people in your company already – and you’ll be primed for spotting them at interview stage too.

1. They’re a true visionary

Every small, seemingly insignificant piece of work fits into the bigger picture, and shapes short and long-term business objectives. A visionary colleague will be all about the strategy; they assess every possible outcome, determine what’s in the best interests of the company, then execute the plan.

2. They uphold high standards

A person like this helps keep morale up. They hold their own work, and others’ work, in high esteem. Every project gets their all – and you recognise the quality of their work when you see it straight away. They genuinely care about delivering top quality results to impeccable standards, even if it means pulling late nights. You give them more responsibility and ways to prove their commitment, and instead of crumbling, they grow.

3. They’re true to their word

You can trust every aspect of their word. It’ll be easy to see how this plays out in the wild – you can see how committed they are and supportive they are of their team. They’re great communicators too, managing expectations with ease. This is the person who speaks up at the right time to highlight discrepancies and put ideas forth; they also know when to fall back.

4. They’re out to prove themselves…

…For the right reasons. The less experienced team members will find themselves defending their professionalism, education, skills, even their integrity. Whatever they may lack in credentials, they make up for in drive and ambition – and you’ll be in the privileged position to help them blossom.

5. They’re the sharpest tools in the arsenal

Top talent never sleeps – they’re constantly developing new skills and trying out better ways of doing the job. Also, their ego doesn’t rule the roost; they’re happy to mentor other people in their own efforts to develop their own skills.

It makes sense to not just be in it for themselves. To a person like this, there’s room for everyone to benefit from the rewards or their hard work; everyone can produce their best work when they’re encouraged in the right way.

6. They’re the ‘go to’ person

Notice how team members, and colleagues throughout the business, gravitate towards this person for advice and solutions. While they clearly enjoy feeling valued and trusted by their colleagues, they don’t act as if this is their natural birthright.

Don’t feel sidelined – you need a right-hand person who can help you advocate for colleagues and controversial strategies, and who will single out people for the credit they deserve when it’s time to celebrate.

Cultivating the person who can be your eyes on the ground lets you get on with the business of, well, running the business!