employee-motivationYou’ll already know that employees are the lifeblood of any enterprise, so it pays to invest heavily in the welfare of your people. This ensures they’re happy and productive to meet the needs of their customers.

How do you keep your teams motivated?

Now is a particularly good time to boost morale, in the aftermath of the Brexit result. According to job market specialist consultancy CEB, in the week before the EU Referendum there was as many as 1.5million jobs advertised online, and in the aftermath of Brexit that figure dropped significantly to 820,000 the following week.

Focus on the value, not money

Money is important and necessary, but at the same time we’re also motivated by other things, such as self-actualisation, which is top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Having the freedom to pursue personal passions such as activism and volunteering, arts, science, sports (and more) adds value to our lives.

Tap into these deeper motivations of your employees and allow them to experience a more meaningful level of satisfaction.

Tell your employees how much value they bring to the table

Whatever their role, they’re crucial to the company’s performance. Strike a balance between demonstrating how essential they are to the company’s future, but without making them feel too complacent.

Nobody is immune to being replaced, but a consistently good level of achievement is the path to longevity – and it should be recognised with praise, rewards and trust.

Be respectful and courteous

Being warm and courteous to your employees can encourage a more positive work ethic, but there’s a caveat. Being too ‘nice’ can create the effect of being perceived as a pushover, so temper your friendliness towards employees with an awareness of their productivity and quality of work.

Invest in staff development and training

Sadly, not all employees want staff development and training; there are those who just don’t care about progression, just about showing up and being paid.

Those who genuinely are interested in life improvement and personal growth will be more motivated to work for a company that meets these needs.

Ask employees for suggestions and recommendations

Asking your employees for their ideas and feedback about projects makes them feel valued, show that you’ve been listening by experimenting with their solutions.

Don’t make the big mistake of thinking your employees can’t think of business solutions if that’s not one of their day-to-day responsibilities. The growth of your company depends on engagement from your teams!