Xmas is over, dry January is in, everyone’s hitting the gym and you’re not sure whether to restart the search for that elusive person you need; Brexit is looming, the media is crazed, the uncertainty of 2018 doesn’t seem to have cleared yet and we’ve all eaten too much cheese – what to do?

Let’s look at the fundamental’s questions:

  • Is the vacancy causing you pain?
  • Can you achieve your plans without hiring?
  • Will you hit target with the current team?

However you answer will tell you whether you should be looking to hire or not, the other part of the equation is, is now the right time?

Despite what seems to be perennial gloom 2018 was actually a pretty good year, economic growth hit a 2 year high and employment figures are at a record high, so the market is fine although talent is at a premium.

Looking at the digital economy the picture is even brighter; digital advertising in the UK is expected to surpass the £20 billion mark for the first time, increasing to £20.8 billion in 2019, according to the latest media and marketing forecast from GroupM.

60% of all advertising spend is now digital and this is set to increase by 4.8% in 2019, with pureplay predicted to be 9% as traditional channels like TV & print continue to decline.

As a leading recruiter in digital and online across product, marketing and eCommerce roles we experienced 15% growth in 2018 and had the busiest December ever; this has continued into January and, despite a perceived candidate shortage, have a number of outstanding individuals ready to kick start their job search.