There is much “abuzz” around analytics at the moment, what they are and why they are important for Product Managers. As a niche recruiter in the field of eCommerce and Product Management we’ve noticed a growing trend whereby hiring managers seek Product Marketing professionals who are driven by “measuring and improving”  through data analysis.  Simon Cast, co-founder and product expert of says:

“Everyone knows analytics are important for product managers. But, like lots of things everyone knows, not everyone knows why they are important and in the case of analytics even necessarily what they are”.

Simply put, analytics measure what is going on with the subject concerned at a given time, and together with a series of measurements can indicate a pattern or story which gives the viewer the ability to draw an analytical conclusion.  The more independent measurements you have the better you can characterise the state of the system or how people are using your product.

Simon’s insightful article covers:

  1. What exactly analytics are?
  2. Concepts of analytics
  3. Implementing analytics
  4. Measuring analytics
  5. Reporting analytics
  6. Analytics and experimentation

In terms of career development; and as Product Marketing recruitment specialists, we feel it is imperative that both junior and senior product managers keep abreast of the evolving analytic trends, understand the benefits of what the various tools offer and are able to draw measurable conclusions and implement actions from what is recorded.

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