Today mobile marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get your brand message across to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

Mobile marketing vacancies are one of the fastest growing branches of digital marketing because it is an easy effective and inexpensive way to reach your target market. An estimated 5 billion people have a mobile phone on them at almost any time in their waking day. Mobile device owners are estimated to check their mobile devices 150-200 times a day, and each check is a potential marketing and sales opportunity. Indeed mobile search overtook PC based search for the first time in 2014, so it is no wonder mobile marketing jobs are on the increase.

The Power of Mobile Communication

For the first time marketers can harness this tremendous marketing power to communicate with the consumer at the right time and right place. Every click and search on a mobile device can be tracked, giving powerful insight into consumer behaviour, and clues to how your brand can match and influence it. Every app used is a potential platform for advertising and each well-designed mobile-enabled web site visited offers the chance of one or more spontaneous sales.

Intelligent People is a specialist mobile marketing recruitment agent. We recognize that clients have an insatiable need for good mobile marketing recruits because knowledge and experience of mobile marketing and mCommerce can skyrocket brand awareness and sales opportunities.

Valuable Experience

Experience of one or more of the following different types of mobile marketing can make you a very valuable candidate.

Mobile web marketing involves the design of an existing or new website for the mobile audience, including optimization via mobile SEO, mobile, PPC and ads displayed when the mobile user is surfing the web.

SMS (Short Message Service) marketing has been until recently the most widely used and most popular form of mobile marketing, involving the sending of text messages which are on average read within four minutes. As technology has evolved MMS (Multimedia Message Service) enabled advertising content to be delivered as an audio-visual format, similar to a TV ad but without large production costs.


Bluetooth technology can be used to deliver both SMS and MMS marketing, ensuring convenient, secure connectivity across devices and networks.
Push notifications are ads or messages that display while using an installed app on a mobile device, providing direct communication between the app provider and end user.
Marketers can use location-based marketing to target users geographically by sending advertising to specific locations. If the user enters a defined area, they will receive custom information or messages.

Using one or more of these mobile marketing techniques can be very effective. If you have knowledge or experience of conveying a brand’s message on any of these areas, Intelligent People can find your next exciting job role in the mobile marketing arena. We appreciate that candidates may seem scarce if you are an organisation looking for talented mobile marketing expertise with vacancies to fill. Intelligent People however can locate that perfect candidate and get them on your team and pushing up marketing exposure and sales opportunities as soon as possible.

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