Being fired from your job is never an ideal scenario. The prospect can be daunting and stressful. Whenever you leave a job, you always hope it’s on your terms. Unfortunately for some, this simply isn’t the case. Whether it’s something that you’ve pre-empted but couldn’t control or it’s come as a complete shock, here are some tips on how you should tackle the job market after being fired:

1. If You Think it Was Unfair Dismissal, Contact a Lawyer
Unfair dismissal is a serious issue that few employees experience. Essentially, it refers to a situation whereby you believe that the employer has terminated your contract without fair reason to do so. It can also apply to if you think an employer has dismissed you using the wrong procedure. Dispute resolution lawyers will be able to look into your case advise you whether you can claim. Before contacting a lawyer, though, be sure to look into your rights as an employee and check that your firing falls under the unfair dismissal guidelines.

2. Start Networking
You may be feeling a little down after being dismissed, but the best course of action isn’t to lock yourself away. No doubt you’ll have made some great connections during your employment, it would be a shame to put them all to waste once you’ve left. If you plan on continuing to work in your industry, then these contacts will be all the more beneficial.

3. Clean Up Your CV
Before you start the application process you should work on your CV and cover letter. Where possible, it’s best to prevent long gaps on your CV. So, even if you don’t immediately apply for jobs after you leave your old employment, try out a volunteering role or even enrol in a course to develop your skills.

4. Be Transparent
When you’ve been fired, it can be tempting to lie on your CV to boost your appeal. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to draw attention to the fact you were dismissed from your recent employment. However, lying could lead to problems further down the line. That’s why it’s always best to be completely transparent during interviews. When the interviewer does ask you about your old job, keep your answer short and concise.

5. Enlist the Help of a Recruitment Agency
It might be difficult to find a new job straight away, particularly if your field is competitive, such as technology or law. For such specialist industries, it can sometimes be beneficial to enlist the help of a recruitment agency. They often work closely with various industries, some of which will only hire from recruiters. Try not to be discouraged if you don’t get as many responses and keep persevering.

Stay Positive and Don’t Give Up
You may feel disheartened once you’ve been fired, but the key is to stay positive! Things will get better, and the job application process will get easier. Be prepared to reinvent yourself and move on, and don’t give up on the search.

Article written by Jamie Costello
Twitter: @jamie88costello