An interview is an opportunity not only to ascertain whether a hopeful applicant is experienced and qualified enough to join your team, but also a chance to review whether he or she is the right fit for your organisation and will make a valuable contribution as a team player.

Despite the line-up of industry related questions you need to get through to really qualify the interviewee it is always worthwhile having a backup of generic open-ended questions to give the person an opportunity to shine and to give you an objective view on how well he or she thinks on their feet when an opportunity is given to do so.

Take a look at the following 10 questions we consider invaluable to have at hand during your interview process.

1. From everything you’ve learned about this role, me and our company, tell me how you feel you’d make a contribution.

2. Why should we hire you?

3. If you could start your career over again, what would you do differently?

4. When I contact your last supervisor and ask which area of your work needs the most improvement, what will I learn?

5. Describe the best boss you ever reported to.

6. Tell me about what motivates you.

7. What frustrates you?

8. Tell me about the toughest negotiation you’ve ever been in.

9. How do you involve your staff when an important company strategy decision needed to be made?

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

We’d love your feedback too. If you have experience which you feel is worthwhile sharing when it comes to best practice interviewing techniques we’d be delighted to share these with our hiring managers.